Encyclopedia of M•Grass

Encyclopedia of M•Grass

4728b62feef7c42bca9889c69fb26288.jpgI was born into a poor family of herdsmen on the Wulate Grassland, Inner Mongolia. In my childhood, I was half a shepherd boy and half a schoolboy. When I was enrolled to college, I had to carry wool on my back to town, where I would sell it for money to cover the expenses for my first college year.


Startup: What should I do with the tuition for my second college year? I started to sell flowers on a tricycle as a sophomore. I took fresh flowers from the forestry college’s flower shed on credit, borrowed a tricycle, and rode it through lanes and drives, starting from scratch.


I opened my first florist shop in 1994.

When I graduated from college, I had three florist shops and two bases.


Starting point of my eco-business: Upon graduation from college, I gave up the chance to work for the government. I founded Hexinyuan Landscaping Co., Ltd. in an attempt to make the environment green with wild plants from the grassland at my hometown. “Little Grass Brother” began to promote grass from Inner Mongolian grassland. In 2012, M•Grass was listed at Shenzhen Stock Exchange.



After its 2012 IPO at Shenzhen Stock Exchange, M•Grass began its ecological restoration efforts on a full scale, based on research on introduction and acclimation of wild indigenous plants.