Seed technology

Seed Technology

Seed Technology: Starting from collecting and acclimating wild indigenous plant germplasm resources, this technology system of M•Grass boasts China’s most complete pool of grassland indigenous plant germplasm resources. It has collected over 3,000 germplasm resources in over 2,000 varieties in grassland in arid and semiarid regions in North China, with more than 160 plants successfully applied to various engineering projects. Consistently perfecting its “breeding/promotion integration” model, M•Grass has set three directions in breeding, namely “seeds for ecological restoration, seeds for beautifying and greening, and seeds for landscaping and pasture grass”; it has built breeding bases covering an area of 45, 000 mu nationwide in a bid to create an industry chain integrating “research on plants + technological export + seed bases + grass seed production and processing + grass seed sales”. Meanwhile, based on the soil in “turf, pasture, and grassland in arid and semiarid regions”, research on germplasm resources, and big data platform support, it provides seeds for ecological restoration in various regions, indigenous plant seedlings, sports and landscaping turf planting, pasture grass seeds, and technological services. Its innovative eco-products include: eco-packets, vegetation carpets, etc., which can come in standards or customized.