Corporate Culture

Corporate Vision

To build an industrial ecosphere by focusing on “grass, grassland, and grass technology” with the strength of “grass taking root”.

M•Grass has shifted from drought-resistant greening and landscaping to grassland ecological restoration, and is actively implementing its platform strategy for grass industry operations in China. It understands that core technology decides the survival of an enterprise while its development depends on its operational ability – the former is about commitment and the latter about integration. M•Grass is upgrading and transforming from its product strategy to strategic brand-based operations, from professionalism to market-based operations, from production to industrial integration.

Corporate Mission

To restore the ecology with Inner Mongolian grass in harmony with nature.

Though there are many methods for ecological restoration, we at M•Grass insist on adopting Inner Mongolian grass and integrated technology for Inner Mongolian grass-based ecological restoration. This is our core capability and also our philosophy for ecological restoration, showing “respect for science” and “respect for nature” based on the local ecological characteristics by acclimate indigenous plants. The process of ecological restoration and harmony with nature is one of understanding and helping instead of changing and conquering.

Corporate Core Value

Ecology and Respect

Respect is what we require of ourselves. Our “respect” is mainly embodied in:



Respect for nature:

Respect for nature represents the value of love for nature and humanity. Therefore, it is the foundation for harmony, prerequisite for coexistence and common thriving, and also the philosophical basis for the achievement and quality of our ecological restoration efforts. Combining the subjective and objective thinking of “The will of man will triumph over nature”, we treat nature and humankind as equivalents; during ecological restoration, we complete ecological development by showing respect for the law of nature itself.


Respect for science and technology:

As a tech company, M•Grass must rely on the strength of science and technology. It always attaches the greatest importance to science and technology in its strategic system, as it understands that ecological restoration is not scientific and sustainable without the support of science and technology.


Respect for employees :

Employees are the core element in business operations and the primary producers of company products. Thus, respect for them is equivalent to respect for products and quality. Business growth would be impossible without their collective endeavors. We are a big family and, hand in hand, we embark on the journey of ecological restoration.


Respect for customers:

Respect for customers means respect for their requirements and trust – M•Grass’s quality speaks for this respect. “Ecology and respect” as our corporate core value at M•Grass is an embodiment of our corporate quality value, interpreting our core thinking from material and spiritual perspectives.



Idea of universal equality: All living creatures are equal and everything has a spiritual essence; all living things are not hierarchically divided.


Viewpoint on indigenous plants: Plants should adapt to its environment and the fittest survive; ecological restoration should be conducted through indigenous plant acclimation.


Viewpoint on ecology: Ecological restoration should be carried out in a manner in which “people, grass, domestic animals, water, soil, meteorology, and life” can develop in harmony.

Viewpoint on eco-industry: We should turn ecology into a profitable business and support it with profits in a cyclic and sustainable manner.