National Highway 318 Slope Ecological Management in Tibet -乐虎国际e68

The Linzhi-Lhasa section of National Highway 318 was vulnerable to mountain disasters due to its extremely fragile ecology. M•Grass has undertaken ecological restoration according to the local conditions.

The Linzhi-Lhasa section of National Highway 318 is one of the “Heavenly Passages” (high-altitude roads) to Tibet. It is known for its height differences, frequent mountain disasters, and a most fragile ecology. Luluxing Company of M•Grass was in charge of ecological restoration in this section. It combined new organic materials such as vegetation carpets and eco-bags with indigenous plants for ecological restoration according to the local conditions. It spray-sowed indigenous plant mixed seedlings such as Festuca elata, Elymus dahuricus Turcz., and Galsang flowers. After a year of ecological management, it has achieved an impressive vegetation landscaping effect for this section.

Phase two of the project, involving the section from Gongbu River to Mount Mila, is work in progress.

Eco-packages: Consolidating and protecting slopes, and stabilizing the basis for plant growth

Eco-package + vegetation carpet: For slopes whose gradients range from 40° to 75°; applied in indigenous plants with excellent stress tolerance; scouring-resistant to reduce the speed of water flow.