Wuhai Mine Rehabilitation -乐虎国际e68

The Wuhai Mine has a slope about 252 meters in height and 13 stories from bottom to top, each story with a slope height of 18 to 20 meters, while the natural slope gradient is about 50°. In this mine, the rocks were exposed and the soil was mostly sandy and infertile. M•Grass greened and beautified the slope with the most suitable technical solution for ecological restoration. It has built a stable foundation for plant growth with the eco-package-based slope protection system and provided green protection for the slope surface by combining spray-sowing greenery and vegetation carpets, thus improving the ecology and landscape at the rubble mountain.

To anchor the mountain and guarantee the stability of the slope, M•Grass adopted its grass vegetation bags as the engineering solution to the greening on the mine’s first to second floors. The design for the third floor adopted M•Grass vegetation carpets for green slope anchorage – the implementation was fast, achieving the greening effect quickly at low cost. Due to difficulty in implementation on the 5th to 7th floors, KLD eco-friendly carpets were used as the green engineering solution in order to save on project costs. As for the 4th and the 8th to 12th floors, ecological restoration plants from M•Grass were used for the restoration according to the local climate and terrain on the basis of the local implementation experience. As the black-brick slope protection project was not yet carried out for the 13th floor, spray-sowing was adopted to anchor the topsoil for slope beautification in order to ensure the mountain stability and reduce water and soil losses.