Daqing Mountains Front Slope Ecological Development Project in Hohhot-乐虎国际e68

The Daqing Mountains have given rise to a biodiversity and brilliant ethic cultures. The mining and quarrying activities in recent years, however, caused serious mountain damage and water and soil losses. The mountain topsoil for plant growth was very thin and even rocks were exposed in some part of the mountain with steep slopes. As a result, the ecology was damaged and the biodiversity declined over the years.

At the front slope of the Daqing Mountains in Hohhot, the key to ecological restoration is mountain restoration. The project covers 120km west-east and 3.3km north-south, with a total area of about 400 square km and a total green area of close 100,000 mu.

Management methods incorporating multiple restoration techniques were adopted according to the different slope and soil matrix conditions.

Tree and vegetation planting was adopted to create ecological landscaping, given the alluvial fan on the front slope of the Daqing Mountains and under-25° area.

In slopes whose gradients ranged from 25° to 40°, M•Grass selected the germplasm resources of drought-resistant and infertility-resistant indigenous plants with developed roots and mixed them with water-retaining material according to the local conditions and ecology, and then spray-sowed them. Meanwhile, eco-products such as vegetation carpets were used for slope consolidation and protection.

As for slopes whose gradients ranged from 40° to 75°, M•Grass first carried out mechanical and manual spray-sowing through wire netting for anchorage, and restored the slope environment after the soil was consolidated.

In the Daqing Mountains front slope ecological development project in Hohhot, about 98,000 mu has been restored. With close to 10 million seedlings planted accumulatively, the protective function and landscaping effect along the mountains are taking form.