About mengcao


Acclimation of indigenous plants and ecological restoration

For more than 20 years, with the strength of "grass taking root".

We have promoted "germplasm resources" and applied "ecological data".

For indigenous plant acclimation and ecological restoration .

And create a living community of harmonious coexistence between man and nature

Our main businesses include seed technology and ecological restoration......

Encyclopedia of M•Grass

I think I am rather like a grass, given my birth, experience, character, and the career I am pursuing.

I like grass: Especially the wild grass and flowers on the grassland, which naturally and happily grow regardless of the foul weather and without being taken care of, watered, and fertilized. Though looking insignificant, it has a compelling inner strength.

Capitalizing on its indigenous plant research system and reserves of germplasm resources

Seed production system and big data platform